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Today's automobile world contains many examples of specialty-made cars. A smart shopper has a lot to choose from when it comes to wheels or rims nowadays. Truly, these vital parts of an automobile come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, materials and colors. The folks at Motegi Racing Wheels and Motegi Racing Rims lead the way in making it their mission to deliver outstanding examples of wheels and rims to accommodate any customer's demands.

Sizes Matter

As far as wheels and rims go, Motegi's are sized from about 15 inches all the way up to the classic customized street car's "dubs" (20-inchers), which is ideal for looks, while some of the smaller ones are made for handling and performance.

Rims or Wheels?

In reality, the differences between a wheel and a rim are very small or even non-existent. Most times, it's a matter of how you want the wheel package to sound to others. Saying "rims" can be an urban slang word for wheels, by the way. Beside that, there may be a slight difference in the way the spokes are married to the lip, or flange of the rim or wheel, but that's about it.

Heavy Metal Wheels

For much of the street car's history, the wheels that went on it were made of steel. It was durable, though somewhat heavy, and it didn't rust out. Also, it could be re-formed a bit, if it dented. That heaviness is a downer when it comes to getting speed out of a performance wheel or rim, though.

Alloying Your Fears

Today's preferred materials of choice for racing wheels and rims are different types of metal alloys such as aluminum, which has been getting the job done for years. There are other, more expensive alloys, but high-grade aluminum is what you generally see. The downside is that it's a little bit more delicate if the wheel hits a curb or is struck by something. And if it's damaged, it's pretty much broken for good.

Seeing Patterns in Everything

A car's wheels are attached to the car, in almost every instance except for certain types of race cars, by a number of bolts. They're bolted to the car in a specific pattern, and the number of bolts ranges from four (today) all the way up to eight or more, depending on the wheel or rim's purpose. A good-looking wheel usually has a four or five bolt pattern.

Everything Has A Purpose

Motegi racing wheels and Motegi racing rims are purpose-built to meet the requirements of the street racing or exhibition fan in just about every instance. The appearance of more than a few are deadly serious-looking while others are stylized chrome productions that can help turn just about any car into a piece of moving art, though maybe not something meant to be an all-out street racing speed demon.

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